Our Team



Mrs.Catherine M Musembi-  Masters Project Management (MPM)

Catherine is a born-again Christian.  She has a courageous mentality, an independent thinker, innovative and creative. Very Ambitious and determined to work in a realistic way to achieve goals. She brings with me 20 years experience in business management/leadership and projects management.  a Certified Business Analyst and a Mortgage Underwriter. She has acquired a lot of knowledge of mortgage lending, financing, vendor management, and asset management.
Catherine’s career path started in Kenya first as a simple clerk, then college and becoming a high school teacher. Later on, working with the non-governmental organization for ten years before moving to the USA. She believes she has always been a generational thinker, never thinking of herself only but always thinking on how to make communities better.
While in Kenya I was so much involved in community development, which involved working with the less advantaged. I got tired of giving the handout, I realized only the black person can liberate themselves from all forms of struggle. I approached the then Director of the organization and requested if a programme could be started to help people learn to fish for themselves instead of giving handouts. A pilot program was started on lending money to small business owners based on one’s stock of goods. It was from Ksh.100 to Ksh.200. Today this pilot project is now one of the major banks in Kenya and is in some parts of Africa, note you will not find my name on this company but it was my brainchild that I know for sure.
Moving to the USA it was hard getting to my career path,  I trained to be a teacher in the USA and after finishing college my goal was to start daycare centers in the whole of USA, with the goal of helping Kenyan children and educating parents on how to prepare their children for school in the USA and how the system works. I tried finding startup loans but was not lucky. I abandoned the idea and got a job in the banking industry by the grace of  I have worked with major international banks in the USA.
As people of African descent, we have to overcome the wall of stagnation by uniting and agreeing as touching anything, which means partnering with one another. Do not lie to yourself that because you have made it and your neighbor has not you are safe. Chances are, you may be connected to one failing family by divine selection, and by the divine selection you are meant to be part of their salvation. Watch out. Walk with each other and join the marketplace as a unified body. Shalom.

Director of Finance

Eunice is practical and straightforward and achieves my goals through caution and dedication.  She an accountant and computer programmer professional. She brings with her fifteen years of working with the Kenya Government before moving to the USA.

After moving to the USA, she joined the healthcare industry and was employed for fifteen years before starting and directing own two companies Ebeneezer  Nursing Services and Loving Loving Hands Adult Family Homes.

She is gifted in community mobilization and organizing self-help groups. Many women have been helped through her leadership. She is a real asset to our company.

  Rev. Dr. Joseph Gatungu



  Director of Development /Levitical Development

The Rev. Dr. Joseph Gatungu is a happy, energetic, creative, dynamic and passionate in everything he touches. A born-again Christian committed to the things of God has a strong drive adding value to humanity. He is a seasoned business person as well as a spiritual leader. He brings s with him many years of community development work.


Mrs.Mary Kangethe

Health Care Management

Mrs. Mary Kangethe a born again Christian is a quiet, intelligent, caring, reliable and seasoned leader.  She is a seasoned leader, excellent community mobilizer and developer. She brings into ELI more than twenty years of entrepreneurship skills and women leadership.