About Us


ELI Vision, Inc. (Excellent Legacy & Investment), was registered under the Delaware Corporation in the USA, on October 19th, 2017, by Mrs. Catherine Musembi who is the President-Founder/CEO.

ELI Vision is a Christian Organization guided by Christian values. The Company is built on the premise of
Jeremiah 29:4-14. It was born as an investment vehicle for those of us who want to invest in the USA. We believe
in Innovations that will meet the needs of people.

The scriptures command us to increase and not to decrease, for we are here for a divine purpose.
We call Kenya home, our children call America home, a time has come to ask ourselves. What legacy we leave behind after we quit working and exit the earth. We can’t leave our jobs, education, houses, and cars as an inheritance.
Indeed, we have invested in Kenya, but can our children use those properties and money in the banks as collateral to help them in the future, can we ourselves do the same. You moved to this country just a couple of years how will you support yourself with a $150-$300 SS check.
We can avoid being a liability to our children and the government of this country by helping ourselves to be an economic powerhouse.


  • We will be economically empowered together with our children.
  • We will give wings to our children, by giving them pride of who they are as a community.
  • We will leave a legacy of empowered Generational wealth creators and generational thinkers.

ELI Vision is a corporation geared to embracing the power of unity and Networking. We thrive to pull together resources to enable us invest in real estate. Individually, the financial power is minimal, but together we form a financial strength that will build legacies.

Many of us are playing catch-up, by the time you settle in the Americas, our families back home in Kenya are looking upon us for help. We are therefore unable to invest as individuals and when we want to, the avenues are limited or we miss opportunities for lack of knowledge, information and finances.

We discovered, while we call Kenya home, our children call America home. If our investments are to benefit our children, shouldn’t we be looking for ways to invest here? Indeed we should. There is a need to have a way forward for our children and our grandchildren.

Looking at some communities of emigrants we discovered that most of them are a success in the Americas because of a unity of purpose. Uniting and bringing resources together has enabled these communities to be an established culture that is also passing their values to their children and ultimately live the American Dream.

We decided to take action and by the grace of God, ELI Vision Inc, was birthed to help us realize the dream of owning investment vehicles in America.

Our first investment is getting the startup funds (peer to peer) which will enable us to have founding Share Holders of the Company. After bringing our resources together the investment journey begins. We will become a financial force, an income generating corporation that will benefit our generations to come.
We look at ELI a hundred years from now and beyond.

ELI Vision believes in revelation, we allow the Lords leading in new innovations. As of now, our main focus is investment REAL ESTATE investment and to build a community that will be an asset to this land we call home and not a liability.

For More information join our presentation every Tuesday and Thursday of the week

or Email: elivision2019@gmail.com